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Heterogeneity of Public Clouds. IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing. Vol. 1, No.2, 201-214, 2014.



Office: A107 T-building Email: antti.yla-jaaski(at)

Phone: +358 50 5122737

Office hours: Friday 10-11 (agree by e-mail)

Dr.Tech. Antti Ylä-Jääski is a professor for the Data Communications Software major since 2002. Antti received his PhD in ETH Zurich 1993. He has worked with Nokia 1994-2004 in several research and research management positions with focus on future Internet, mobile networks, applications, services and service architectures. He was a Research Fellow on Internet Technologies in Nokia Research Center until 2009. In Data Communications Software, Antti’s expertise area is Internet technologies, application and service development in Internet, and network architectures. He has supervised 224 master’s thesis (see examples here) and 20 doctoral dissertations during his professorship in Aalto 2002-2014.


Currently his primary research interests include Green ICT, energy efficient communications and computing, cloud computing, massive scale machine-to-machine communication systems and Internet of Things.

Call for new doctoral students - this is now over, new to come later 2015

New doctoral student call will be opened in HICT January 2015, file your application there. I am looking for students in the following subject areas: mobile crowdsensing, mobile cloud computing, adaptive multimedia systems (with emphasis on adaptive video streaming), and software tools for developing protocols for bacterial nanonetworks, see details here.

Staff members

Antti's research group consists of Adjunct Professor Pan Hui, and five post-doctoral researchers and ten phd students.

Current research projects

CUBIC - Mobile Crowdsensing in Ubiquitous Cloud Environment (Finnish Academy, 2014-2017)

Cloud-edge computing and communications in mobile networks using NSN RACS (NSN, 2014)

SIGMONA - SDN Concept in Generalized Mobile Network Architecture (Celtic-Plus, 2013-2015) with our focus on Dynamic Virtualized Network Functions on an OpenStack Cloud

eMo – Energy-Optimized Mobile Computing (Finnish Academy, 2011-2014)

MAMMoTH – Massive Scale Machine-to-Machine Service (Tekes, 2011-2014)

IoT – Internet of Things (Tivit SHOK, 2012-2014)

Green ICT - Leapfrogging energy efficiency through multidiciplinary system design (Aalto SCI, 2012-2014)

Past research projects

OpenTel / Cloud Software (Tivit SHOK, 2010-2013)

Future Internet (Tivit SHOK, 2008-2012)

OtaSizzle (Aalto MIDE, 2008-2011)

ISMO – Intelligent Structural Health Monitoring System (Aalto MIDE, 2008-2011)

Flexible Services (Tivit SHOK, 2008-2010)

Infra HIP – Infrastructure for Host Identity Protocol I-II (Tekes, 2004-2009)

Educational merits

Antti Ylä-Jääski is the Academic Director of the NordSecMob – Master’s Programme in Security and Mobile Computing since 2006. NordSecMob programme is one of the European top-quality Maste’s Programmes selected by the European Commission Erasmus Mundus Programme. Erasmus Mundus is a co-operation and mobility programme, promoting European Union as a center of excellence in higher education. This NordSecMob programme offers a joint study curriculum in five universities: Aalto University, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, The Norwegian University of Science, The Technical University of Denmark and University of Tartu. Aalto University is the coordinator of the NordSecMob programme. Antti also the director for the international master’s programme on Mobile Computing – Services and Security since 2002.

The 2009 award for best teaching of the Aalto University School of Science and Technology was granted to NordSecMob – Master’s Degree Programme in Security and Mobile Computing. Price was given to Antti Ylä-Jääski and Eija Kujanpää.

Work experience

Professor of Telecommunications Software, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Aalto University, 2004 -

Professor (pro tem) of Telecommunications Software, Telecommunications Software and Multimedia Laboratory, Helsinki University of Technology, 2002-2004

Research Fellow in Internet Technologies, Nokia Research Center, Helsinki, 2004-2009

Vice President, Technology, System Technology and Business, Development, Nokia Networks, 2003-2004

Vice President, Head of Technology, Nokia Ventures Organisation, 2001-2002

Head of Laboratory, Communication Systems Laboratory, Nokia Research Center, 1997-2000

R&D Manager, Multimedia Applications and Services, Nokia Research Center, 1996

Senior Research Engineer, Nokia Research Center, Helsinki, 1994-1995

Senior R&D Engineer, Oy Mapvision Ltd, Helsinki, 1992-1994

Assistant, Communication Technology Laboratory, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, 1988-1992


Publications in Google Scholar.


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Book chapters

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Conference proceedings (after 2004)

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