Antti has supervised 208 MSc thesis during his professorship in Aalto University 2002-2013.

Examples of recent MSc thesis

Ossi Ala-Peijari, Bitcoin The Virtual Currency: Energy Efficient Mining of Bitcoins, Aalto University/CSE, August 2014.

Kamran Manzoor, Efficient Practical Key Recovery for Side-Channel Attacks, Riscure, The Netherlands, June 2014.

Jun Wu, Signal Collecting Platform and "Hand-print" Positioning System, Aalto University/CSE, June 2014.

Marius Noreikis, Image Based Indoor Navigation System, Aalto University/CSE, June 2014.

Maneesh Chauhan, Measurement and Analysis of Networking Performance in Virtualized Environments, Aalto University/CSE, June 2014.

Teemu Kämäräinen, Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Distributed Mobile Cloud Gaming System, Aalto University/CSE, May 2014.

Ketan Devadiga, Development of a Multicast Routing Protocol for Low Power and Lossy Networks, Aalto University/CSE, December 2013.

Tomi Aarnio, Near Field Communication Using NFC to unlock doors, Mohinet, November 2014.

Shichao Dong, Inter-and Cross-protocol Interface in IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Network Data Communication, Aalto University/CSE, June 2013.

Lin Youming, Virtual Networking for Mobile Cloud Computing, June 2013.

Vu Ba Tien Dung, Design and Performance Evaluation of the H-box Architecture, May 2013.

Apurva Jaiswal, Efficiency Analysis of a Non-Trivial Application Ported Into ICN Paradigm, HIIT, March 2013.


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