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As of January 2015, the former CSE department became a part of the new Aalto Computer Science department. The present pages are therefore no longer updated. (Except for some research-group and person-specific parts over a transient period.) For up-to-date departmental information, please refer to the webpages of the CS department at

Current in Data Communications Software

November 26th, 2013: Open doctoral student positions at CSE

Major in Bachelor Degree

A Bachelor of Science Data Communications major knows the functionings and technics of data networks like the Internet and mobile networks, understands what to take into consideration to make a system safe, is able to work together with others when developing software and knows how business models work in the data communications field.

Majors in Master’s Degree:

Data Communications Software (A3)

The advanced module in data communications software focuses on services based on Internet technology, especially mobile services. The module answers the question: “How to realize a extensive distributed application to a mobile network?”. Attention is given to application architecture, task distribution, programming techniques, interfaces, characteristics of data communications, security and designing the whole. This topic gives access to many places, nearly all companies need this type of applications. A place of employment can be found from a big enterprise or a small start-up company, possibilities are many.

Information Security advanced module (A3)

With the rise of Internet, security has become an important field and today security must be taken into account in the planning and implementation of all data communication services. This module focuses on the techniques of security, cryptography is just one area, attention is also given to the design of software, protocols, testing and the architecture as a whole. The teaching in this module gives readiness to work as a security consultant in software projects or in the security management of an organization. Employment opportunities are excellent and a special feature of security is that it is never finished but must be maintained.

Networking Business (A3)

In networking business data communications software is considered from the viewpoint of business and management. The module tries to answer the question: “How to make a profitable business via technical services?”. The studies give readiness to manage production of services, found your own enterprise or design businesses from technical services.

Mobile Cloud Services (A3)

Data Communications Software research at the CSE department 

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