Tutkimusryhmät (englanniksi)

The CSE Departments’ consists of 13 research groups whose research focus can be briefly described as follows:

  • DRG (Database Research Group) Group deals with issues of the broader topic of database management like index structures for databases in various contexts and automata-based algorithms for online information filtering.

  • Distributed and Pervasive Systems Energy aware computing and communications, distributed systems and services, networking business, and security in distributed systems.

  • Distributed Computing Group The research of the group concentrates on development methods for distributed systems. Key applications of these methods include cloud computing and the efficient distributed processing of Big Data.

  • DSG (Distributed Systems Groups) Software technologies for distributed systems: complex event processing, semantic interoperability, digital services, and distributed transactions.

  • ESG (Embedded Software Group) Performance engineering, compiler technology and operating system technology: methods and tools. Applications for mobile hand-held devices.

  • ISI (Industrial Service Informatics Research Group) applies the informatics approach to service business information in industrial context: representation, processing, communication and management of complex information to enable more efficient and effective service operations.

  • ISSEG (Information Systems and Service Engineering Group) Enterprise information systems and service science: enterprise architecture, service-oriented architecture, IT Service Management and B2B integration.

  • LeTech (Learning + Technology Group) Technological solutions to problems in education with an emphasis on computing education. New technologies, methods and materials for students and teachers.

  • PDMG (Product Data Management Group) How information technology can be used for the management of complex products? Especially products that have many variants and long life-cycles.

  • Preago (Product Requirements and Architecture Research Group) Requirements and software architectures, the complexities related to the transfer of relevant design information. Development of software or software intensive products and service products, especially the cases where variability is of importance.

  • SAG (String Algorithms Group) Development and analyzes of efficient algorithms for information retrieval, exact and approximate string searching as well as indexing methods, algorithms for data compression and computational biology.

  • SPRG (Software Process Research Group) Software process and process improvement, SW product development, as well as development in company networks. Multi-disciplinary projects, combining project and process management with legal and human aspects.

  • STRATUS (Strategic Usability Research Group) Usability engineering and user-centred design, human actors that are surrounded by the technical systems and services.

  • Technology Law Research Group What kind of changes are needed with the technological development? Intellectual property rights (copyright, patents, desing right etc), privacy, competition law and consumer protection in internet environment.

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